The 10 Most Popular Second Honeymoon Destinations

Honeymoons do not have to be a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Taking a second honeymoon is an exciting way to celebrate a milestone anniversary or just another reason to book your dream trip.

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Going on a second honeymoon might be an easy decision, but picking the destination could be tricky! To make things easier, 585 travel agency owners and managers determined the most popular second honeymoon destinations and other travel trends.

“Agents typically recognize travel trends long before anyone else,” said Cheryl Hudak, CTC, ASTA’s former President and CEO.

According to the American Society of Travel Advisors’ “Hot Spots for Summer” survey, Hawaii was the most popular second honeymoon destination.

Hawaii was the most popular second honeymoon destination with 24.4% share of the total response. Because this destination can be more expensive than others, the surveyed travel agents said cost was less of a determining factor for couples taking a second honeymoon, compared to couples taking their first.

The second most popular destination is not a destination. Cruising took an 11.6% share of the total response. This type of vacation is routinely booked for second honeymoons because cruises offer a variety of activities including on-shore excursions and dining options as well as convenience and all-inclusive packages.

The Caribbean, the third most popular second honeymoon destination, also offers second honeymooners a variety of options. The number of islands represents a variety of adventures travelers can experience on their second-of-a-lifetime trip.

Jamaica and Cancun rounded out the top five most popular second honeymoon destinations in the fourth and fifth spots. Mexico finished in the eighth spot.

Europe and Italy ranked number six and seven, respectively, and proved that interest in European vacations is still strong despite the current weakness in the U.S. dollar.

Romance can be found throughout the world, and these places are only the cork of the champagne bottle. Your second honeymoon will be romantic wherever you spend it, but it helps to match a destination perfectly with your personalities and expectations.

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