10 Must-See Places in Denmark


The happiest country in the world, as it has been named many times, Denmark is a charming Scandinavian country filled with wonderful castles, lush forests, and a stunning sea coast. Denmark is home to many events and festivals, as well as numerous Michelin-star restaurants.

Due to its stunning geographic location, the Kingdom of Denmark is a nation that can genuinely surprise visitors. The Jutland peninsula makes up the majority of the state, and the remaining area is spread across more than 400 islands, of which 76 are uninhabited.

Here are all the amazing places you should not skip in this fairytale-like country:

1. Christiansborg Palace, Copenhagen

Denmark - Christiansborg Palace

When you come across Christiansborg Palace it is obvious that it has been a center of political power in Denmark for more than 8 centuries. It looks like a castle that houses kings and queens, and you would imagine horse carriages going through the door any minute.

The Danish government’s headquarters here houses the Parliament, the Prime Minister’s Office, and the Supreme Court. Part of the building that belongs to a royal family is open to the public and you can visit it and admire the gorgeous architecture, interior, and artwork.

2. Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen

When Walt Disney visited Denmark he got the inspiration for his parks in Tivoli.

This world-famous theme park dates back to the 19th century and many attractions are working to this day. Here you’ll find a roller coaster, puppet theaters, gardens, restaurants, cafés, roundabouts, food pavilions, and even a concert hall where you can enjoy events daily.

This is a happy place with fireworks at night, laughter during the day, and dazzling Christmas lights during the winter. On Friday nights in the summer, you can attend free music concerts. Being located in the heart of the city, Tivoli is a real gem every visitor will come by at some point.

3. Nyhavn Street, Copenhagen

Denmark - Nyahvn Street, Copenhagen

Nyhavn, one of the most famous streets in the country, is a terrific area to wander around and take photos. This once-disreputable strip of dockland, which is located behind Amalienborg Palace, is now renewed with colorful homes, eateries, and old ships.

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Nowadays, Nyhavn is a picturesque neighborhood and a popular destination for visitors. It is equally beautiful during the day and night, but at night colorful lights illuminate the water and it is a great photo opportunity for photography enthusiasts.

4. The Open-Air Museum, Lyngby

The Open-Air Museum in Lyngby is located less than 20 minutes from Copenhagen. It contains agricultural structures, real farmhouses, mills, and homes from different parts of Denmark.

These structures are original and were carefully broken down at their remote location only to be brought here and rebuilt for everyone to see. There are also numerous picnic areas, stunning historical gardens, and historic homes from Sweden and Schleswig-Holstein.

5. Kronborg Castle, Helsingør

The famous “Hamlet” is set in this fantastic castle, which inspired Shakespeare to write this masterpiece. Although there were several fortresses before the one we see today, the current version dates back to the 17th century. Some of the most fascinating parts of the establishment you should see are the chapel, the ballroom, and the tapestries.

6. Viking Ship Museum, Roskilde

Denmark - Viking Ship Museum, Roskilde

People around the world have been fascinated with Vikings, especially after the world-famous Tv show Vikings. It is no surprise that travelers storm museums with Viking artifacts, like this one in Roskilde. Here you can observe how the Vikings built their boats and the authentic techniques that were used.

The museum consists of outdoor and indoor areas, including the museum building and the boatyard. You can see five original ships from the Viking era, along with other items from the same period.

7. Den Gamle By, Aarhus

Den Gamle By is a fascinating open-air museum in Aarhus that shows three different periods accurately. Exploring this museum is the best way to understand what life was like in Denmark over the centuries.

Den Gamle By also houses several independent museums, such as the Gallery of Decorative Arts, the Toy Museum, Museum 1927, and the Danish Poster Museum in addition to the living history neighborhoods. The nearby Moesgaard Museum in the area of Hojbjerg where you can see the development of cultures in the country throughout the Stone, Bronze, Iron, and Viking Ages as well as a display about medieval Denmark.

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8. Hans Christian Andersen Museum, Odense

Many people choose to travel to Denmark only because they grew up reading Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales. The museum, founded in 1908, is devoted to the life and work of the author and features exhibits of artifacts, keepsakes, and Andersen’s sketches and artwork. The childhood home of Hans Christian Andersen, which is now a museum, is located in Munkemllestraede, southwest of Odense Cathedral.

9. The Funen Village

Funen Village is a fantastic open-air museum that shows us the life of Denmark through the centuries. The museum gives visitors a look into the 19th century with its farmhouses and thatched roofs built with authentic supplies and techniques.

Observing every facet of life, guests can wander around the village’s farms, homes, and workshops. Learn from traditional cooking and farming, see the crops as they grow, and engage in demonstrations of authentic life in this fantastic open-air museum.

10. Wadden Sea National Park, Esbjerg

The Wadden Sea is a beautiful shallow coastal sea that runs south of Fano off the coast of Denmark down through Germany. It has several sand banks and mud flats that serve as breeding places for numerous bird species. This is the largest national park in Denmark and is also the most extensive continuous system of mud flats and intertidal sand in the world.

This location is excellent for birdwatching, and long walks while observing beautiful nature that is very unique to this part of the world. The Wadden Sea islands Rømø, Fanø, and Mandø offer distinctive views of the dunes, sea, woods, and wildlife.

Denmark Will Inspire You

Whatever has inspired you to travel to Denmark, this country will not disappoint you. With so many outdoor museums, castles and palaces, there is something for everyone to see.

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