Travel Advisor

Elaine Seymour

Elaine was bitten by the travel bugwhen she was very young.  First, she traveled to visit family, road tripping across America to multiple U.S. National Parks, and with a yearly snow skiing trip out West.  Then, when she was 13, she took her first international trip to Mexico and has been to 27 other countries since then (and some she keeps returning to!).  Elaine lived in Asia for a year when her husband’s company placed him in Seoul, South Korea. She and her young family have skied in the Alps, ziplined through Angkor Wat, dreamed of living like a princess in Versailles, taken a boat ride around Santorini, sunbathed in the Caribbean, Greece and more Florida beaches than she can count, and ridden a Junk boat in Hong Kong, to name just a few of her adventures.  She grew up in Florida and knows the best beaches and little-known places to go for fun and relaxation, beyond the typical tourist spots. 

She has turned her travel passion into her career becauseit makes her happy and excited to experience new things and learn how other people live, even if it’s just a few hours drive away or if it takes a 13-hour plane ride to get there!  She wants to help you experience that same excitement and joy in going somewhere new or even somewhere you know like the back of your hand.   She can help your travel dreams come true!