Superb Bar Harbor: Explore Where the Mountains Meet the Sea

Maine could be a boastful state with all its natural glory, but it’s not. Instead, the four seasons gracefully showcase the state’s natural beauty with genuine splendor.

Bar Harbor

From fresh lobsters that weigh more than watermelon to moose that saunter up to back porches as if they were your neighbors, Maine was made for the natural explorer and adventure seeker. Hiking trails wind through mountains, and lighthouses dot the coastline.

One spot in Maine is one of the most underrated marvels in the United States.

Bar Harbor, Maine, is simultaneously a quaint resort town and a backpacker’s haven. A coastal town on Mount Desert Island, Bar Harbor is located about halfway up Maine’s coast in an area locals call “Downeast.”

A picturesque seaport village located just across the waters from Bald Porcupine Island and once a summer playground to the wealthy, the town has evolved into a quiet resort village set in a landscape of mountain peaks and valleys and rocky coastlines.

The Wonders of Acadia

Bar Harbor is a perfect base camp to hike nearby Acadia National Park. The park boasts granite cliffs, sea caves and jagged overhangs. Visitors have various options for adventures in Acadia’s more than 120 miles of trails up and down 26 granite-domed mountains, deep woods and rugged shorelines.

Bar Harbor - Acadia

Hiking options are divided between coastal and lake and forest hikes. Trails range from easy to difficult, and lead hikers to great heights at Cadillac Mountain —the highest point on the Atlantic coast—to valleys at Jordan Pond.

There is more than hiking in Acadia. Explorers can bicycle on carriage roads, bike paths, gravel roads and paved roads. Stargazing and birdwatching are also options.

Adventurers can also take the water with a number of lakes and ponds on Mount Desert Island permitting boating. Each body of water has specific watercraft restrictions and launching areas near town docks and municipal piers. Canoes, sailboats, kayaks and motorboats can be rented in surrounding towns.

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Kayaking around the shoreline cliffs allows explorers to see caves and crags up close and personal. Sea kayaking is another type of boating adventure. There are local vendors in Bar Harbor that host sea kayaking tours in Frechman Bay and the Mount Desert Narrows. For canoers, serene Eagle Lake is a popular peaceful fishing spot.

Relaxing Intown

No matter how you choose to spend your days relaxing or exploring, Bar Harbor is an excellent location for peaceful coastal nights. A wide variety of local hotels and quaint B&Bs dot the town and other comfortable lodgings in a picturesque location.

Bar Harbor’s excellent hospitality also includes remarkable restaurants. An abundance of restaurants offers meals for all tastebuds, including those craving some of the freshest lobster in the state.

With an entire island to explore and enjoy, Bar Harbor is a prime spot to have a fun-filled vacation without the pressure of an itinerary. The island hosts plentiful adventures for all travelers.

Visitors can spend a day or a weekend in Bar Harbor. For those who want to fully explore Acadia and take their time savoring the coastal town, the destination has enough to last visitors a week.

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