What to Do in Copenhagen in 72 Hours

Copenhagen is a laid-back and fascinating city where you could spend months just enjoying the atmosphere, but sometimes all we have is a few days for exploration. If you organize your itinerary well, even 72 hours can be just perfect for you to see Copenhagen and understand why so many people love living here.


Day 1 in Copenhagen

Spend a Few Hours at Bakken

Alternative to Tivoli, which is usually crowded with tourists, is Bakken. This is the oldest amusement park in the world, built in the 16th century, and to this day the rides have been updated many times.

If you visit the park now you will find 32 rides that provide fun for different age groups and thrill levels. Only 10 minutes from Copenhagen, this is an ideal start to your Copenhagen itinerary which will get you excited for the rest of the visit.

Rosenborg Castle Visit

This 17th-century castle was built by Christian IV and to this day it is the most magnificent palace in Denmark. The opulent palace’s interiors, which include historical tapestries depicting the fights between Sweden and Denmark, have rarely changed over the years.

You can walk through the castle rooms, see the king’s chambers, centuries-old artwork, and furniture, and finish the visit with a walk through the king’s gardens, the oldest royal garden in Denmark. It is a well-liked gathering place for locals in Copenhagen as well as a place where kids can play and run freely.

Have a Drink in Nyhavn

If there is one recognizable location in the entire city, it must be Nyhavn. This street with colorful buildings and old wooden boats docked on the canal used to be a harbor and historic waterfront.

Nowadays this is a place where you can have a drink or eat lunch and dinner while enjoying the colorful ambiance. The buzzing street is equally interesting during the day and night, and photos taken from the bridge with the historic buildings in the background look like postcards.

Day 2 in Copenhagen

Rent a Bicycle to Explore Copenhagen

Copenhagen - bikes for rent

One of the world’s bike-friendliest cities is Copenhagen. As a pedestrian, you have to be very careful not to walk on bike lanes so you don’t get run over. Almost everyone who lives here commutes by bicycle regularly, and because it’s so safe, you’ll often see individuals riding without helmets.

In Copenhagen, countless businesses offer rentals, including the very accessible City Bike program, which has bike-renting locations all over the city. Their bikes even include GPS and tablets which help you with navigation.

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Visit the Statue of the Little Mermaid

While on the bike, or by walking, you can visit the statue of the Little Mermaid, one of the most recognizable statues in the world. The Little Mermaid was donated to the city by a local brewer named Carl Jacobsen and was based on the well-known fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen.

Even though the bronze statue is much, much smaller than you would expect, it still manages to draw in dozens of visitors each day. Be careful when you take photos because stones around the statue can be slippery, and with many people around you can end up in the water.

Visit Christiansborg Palace

A well-known Christiansborg Palace is located on the Islet of Slotsholmen, and it is home to the Supreme Court of Denmark, the Prime Minister’s office, and the Danish Parliament. Although a government building, it is still possible to visit the wing that belongs to the royal family.

The Great Hall, which is 40 meters long and has 400 seats, is the focal point of the reception areas used by the Prime minister and royal family on numerous occasions. When you visit the palace you get to see the court theater, the gallery, and the riding school, among other gorgeous rooms and hallways.

Have a Night Out to Jazz Clubs

If you want to see what nightlife in Copenhagen looks like it is best to visit one or several vibrant jazz clubs. Copenhagen has a thriving jazz scene, both underground and in the mainstream. In the city center, there are a ton of little jazz cafés and pubs.

Several well-known jazz clubs, including La Fontaine, Jazzhus Montmartre, and Christiania, can also be found close to the center. Bookings are frequently requested weeks in advance, and entrance and beverages can be somewhat expensive, so make sure to plan accordingly and choose where you are going to spend your nights.

Day 3 in Copenhagen

Try Best Danish Pastries for Breakfast

Although bakeries have a long history in Copenhagen and are well known for their Danish pastries, a recent emphasis on gastronomy has spawned a new bread and pastry revolution. As a result, Copenhagen has seen an increase in pristine bread and pastry shops.

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You will enjoy these locations if you love a nice, crispy croissant or a steaming, freshly baked loaf of sourdough bread. Have a cup of coffee with your pastry and start your day like a true Dane. The famous places to try are Hart Bageri, Lille Bakery, and Andersen & Maillard.

Spend a Day at Copenhagen Museums

copenhagen, denmark, museum

Maybe museums are not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Copenhagen, but this city is an excellent place for art enthusiasts and is home to numerous fantastic art and historic museums.

Here are the must-see museums in Copenhagen: the Museum of Copenhagen, The National Gallery of Denmark, and Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek. Choose your favorite one, or dedicate this day to visiting at least two of the popular museums in Copenhagen.

Wander Around City Center and Shop at Strøget

To truly understand the city, a stroll in the city center is a must on any long itinerary. Explore the meandering busy streets filled with shops, sausage wagons, and cafes. You will find many treasures like hidden boutiques, clubs, and restaurants that are visited mostly by locals.

If you like shopping Strøget is the city’s hot spot for all kinds of brands. It is the longest pedestrian street in Europe and includes everything from high-end fashion to budget-friendly brands. You can easily spend a few hours here, and take breaks in cozy cafes along the way.

Eat at Michelin Star Restaurant

To finish your visit to Copenhagen in great style, choose one of the many Michelin-star restaurants the city is famous for. Some of these restaurants have two or three Michelin stars, and the most famous ones are Jordnær, Alchemist, Geranium, and Noma. From seafood to extravagant and creative twists on traditional food, there is something for everyone at these popular establishments.

Final Thoughts…

Copenhagen is a lively and fantastic city for visitors of all ages. Having a well-planned itinerary can only help you see the most of this beautiful place, but if it is possible for you, spend even more days here, and you will not regret it. Schedule a consultation with The Trip Atelier and start your Copenhagen adventure!

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