How to Get to Stunning Antarctica – Everything You Need to Know!

Traveling to Antarctica is an exclusive adventure not many people take. Nowadays, getting to Antarctica has never been simpler thanks to an increase in tourism, which wasn’t the case only two decades ago.

To access Antarctica you will require a permit, and you must strictly adhere to the Antarctic Conservation Act established by the Antarctic Treaty. By doing this, the pristine ecosystem is shielded from damage by people.

Cruising to Antarctica

Antarctica penguins

The majority of visitors arrive in Antarctica by boat. As there is no infrastructure built on land, this is the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to visit the White Continent. Most Antarctica cruises leave South America, particularly from the Argentine port city of Ushuaia.

Tierra del Fuego in Argentina and Port Stanley in the Falkland Islands are two further South American departure points. Although these departures are much less common, cruises do occasionally depart from Punta Arenas in Chile, Buenos Aires in Argentina, and Puerto Madryn in Argentina.

Flying to Antarctica

Flying is the only way to see the interior of the continent since cruise ships often stay in the peninsula region. If you want to experience climbing, camping, and greater exploring Antarctica this is your only option. There are temporary landing strips in Antarctica that can be opened if needed because there is no real airport available here.


The easiest way to see Antarctica is through a day-long fly-over. If you’re the less adventurous type and would prefer to view the White Continent from the comfort of an airplane seat, this is a perfect option.

Australia is presently the only country from which fly-overs can depart. There are flights from Sydney, Melbourne, and sporadically Perth. At the height of the travel season, there are only a few flights every week.



You must make a reservation with a private charter airline since there are no regular flights to Antarctica. This is a great alternative for adventurers seeking to do hiking, skiing, camping, or climbing in a gorgeous landscape as they are the only method for tourists to reach the vast sole of Antarctica.

There are many nations from which flights leave, including Australia, Chile, Argentina, and South Africa. Less than 500 people a year get to experience this type of excursion.

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For those who are pressed for time or who want to stay out of the Drake Passage while still seeing the peninsula, the fly-cruise option is a terrific idea. This option includes flying to Antarctica and then boarding a cruise for an excursion.

You would be flying from the Chilean city of Punta Arenas to the airport on King George Island. The flight lasts about two hours, and once you arrive in Antarctica you board the ship for the rest of the trip.

From Argentina

The bulk of Antarctica cruises departs from Ushuaia, Argentina. Depending on what you want to discover while visiting Antarctica, you can select from a variety of cruise itineraries. For instance, it might be possible to include the Falklands and South Georgia in your tour itinerary.

From Ushuaia

Ushuaia, the southernmost tip of South America, is the nearest departing point to Antarctica. This is where you must initially come if you’re coming from Argentina to the White Continent. Even though Ushuaia is regarded as being at the end of the earth, getting there is not too difficult.

The most convenient method of travel to Ushuaia is by air, with frequent flights from Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. Overland travel to Ushuaia is challenging and takes about 36 hours, not to mention a challenging border crossing through Chile.

From Buenos Aires

Travelers can experience another location before setting sail on their cruise, which is one of the attractions of traveling to Antarctica from Argentina. Some trips begin in Buenos Aires, because the transportation starts there, either by plane or a ship which takes you to Ushuaia.

From Chile

The majority of flights and cruises depart from the port of Punta Arenas. This city in Chile has fewer international flight options than Ushuaia, therefore most visitors go to Santiago instead. Most of the flights that reach King George Island are starting at Punta Arenas, making Chile to Antarctica a pretty straightforward route.


From South Africa

Traveling to Antarctica by air from Cape Town is the most exclusive option. This path makes it possible for tourists to visit the South Pole, making this already impressive trip much more impressive.

You’ll stay in a private camp in Antarctica, which is a terrific choice for travelers seeking a little more privacy. Day-to-day itineraries are customized for each traveler because there are only a few other adventurers on each expedition and skilled polar explorers serving as guides.

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From Australia and New Zealand

It is a great adventure to cruise from Australia and New Zealand to Antarctica. You can travel across the Ross Sea from Invercargill, New Zealand, or Hobart, Australia, although cruises from Hobart are less common.

Alternatively, you could fly from Australia or New Zealand to Ushuaia via Buenos Aires or Punta Arenas via Santiago and continue towards Antarctica to save several days of sailing time.

It’s crucial to remember that journeys leaving from New Zealand and Australia are typically far more rough and wild affairs. The eastern side of Antarctica has a colder and windier climate, and the seas you cross will be rougher.

People in New Zealand and Australia should think about what they want from their experience in Antarctica even though it is closer than South America. Although Eastern Antarctica has the largest icebergs in the world, the Peninsula has more wildlife.

From the United States

Major cities including New York, Atlanta, Miami, and several other cities have direct flights to Buenos Aires, Punta Arenas, and Santiago. Flights are regular and some of them are direct, making it more convenient to fly from the USA than from anywhere else in the world.

From Canada

From Toronto, you can fly nonstop to Santiago de Chile or Buenos Aires. For Canadian travelers, it is easiest to make connections in Toronto than to have several connecting flights through other routes.

From Europe

London provides direct flights from the UK to Santiago de Chile and Buenos Aires. Madrid, which also has direct flights to Buenos Aires is another option for Europe.


Although your experience depends not only on weather conditions but also on the price you are willing to pay, trips to Antarctica are some of the most special excursions on the planet. There are over 8 billion people on earth but only around 50,000 see this continent every year, that is pretty special.

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