Heading to St. Lucia? Here Are 20 Great Kweyol Phrases For Visitors

St. Lucia

Though many Caribbean islands have their own dialect, St. Lucia is quite unique. Due to its many cultural influences, St. Lucia has essentially developed its own language known as Kweyol (pronounced: QUAY-eeOHL). What exactly makes Kweyol unique? Yes, it’s a version of Creole, which is common in the Caribbean, BUT St. Lucian Kweyol has much more French influence, combined with touches of Afrikaans.

Below is our list of 20 key words and phrases, along with phonetic spellings.

  1. Hello – Bonjou (BOHN-zjoo)
  2. Excuse me please – Eskise muy suple (ESS-KIZH muee SOO-play)
  3. Thank You – Mesi (meh-SEE)
  4. Please – Souple (Soo-PLAY)
  5. Where is the bathroom? – Kote pwevit-la ya? (Coh-TAY pweh-VIT la YAH)
  6. Do you speak English? – Es ou ka pale Anngle? (ess OO kah pahl ohn-GLAY)
  7. Yes – Wi (WEE)
  8. No – Non (noh)
  9. Sorry – Padonn (PAH-dohn)
  10. Miss – Mazel (MAHn-zelle)
  11. Madam – Madamn (MAH-dah-nm)
  12. Sir/Mister – Misye (miz-YAY)
  13. Nice to meet you – Kontan we zot (cone-TAHN-wee-ZOHT)
  14. What is this? – Sa ki sa? (sah-KEE-sa)
  15. Is this for sale? – Es sa pou vann? (ess-SAH poo-vahn)
  16. How much is this? – Konmen pou sa? (kohn-MEN poo-SAH)
  17. How are you? – Koumon ou ye? (COUmon-oo-YAY)
  18. I am fine – Mwen Byen (mwen-BEEyen)
  19. Good day – Bonjou (bohn- ZJOO)
  20. Good evening – Bonswe (bohn-SWAY)

When you make the effort to speak the local language, you’ll go from tourist to traveler. When you attempt to speak the language, you will make your time on-island a little easier and more enjoyable, plus locals will appreciate the effort! Pro- Tip: Save this list to your phone for easy access during your trip!

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