20 Absolute Breathtaking Activities in Antarctica

Antarctica is the ultimate travel destination for those seeking authentic adventure. Travelers want to take advantage of all the things to do in Antarctica because it is a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

Few people on earth have experienced the things that visitors who are fortunate enough to travel to Antarctica can see. If you are among the lucky ones who will get to see this fascinating place, here is the list of must-do things on your trip:

1. Wildlife Watching

The extraordinary variety of wildlife is what brings the majority of tourists to Antarctica each year. You can see whales, seals, and penguins very closely without disturbing them.


Seeing enormous pods of whales up close at any time of day is one of Antarctica’s most amazing experiences. The orca, humpback, blue, sei, minke, sperm, fin, and right whales are the most prevalent whale species in Antarctica.


Everyone who travels to Antarctica wants to spend time with penguins if there is one thing they must do. Emperor, Chinstrap, Gentoo, Adelie, Rockhopper, and Macaroni are the six species of penguins found in Antarctica, and there are countless numbers of these adorable birds roaming the region.

2. Kayaking

Kayaking frequently entails approaching wildlife that would be impossible to see otherwise, particularly seals that enjoy sunbathing on the icebergs spread all over. Kayaking is the best option if you like ice blocks and want to get a close look at them and touch them.

3. Helicopter Ride

Emperor Penguins are not uncommon in Antarctica, but it is extremely rare to see one because they frequently settle farther inland. A helicopter ride is the best way of spotting these rare penguins, in addition to allowing you to observe seals, whales, and other animals.

4. Scuba Diving

When you dive into Antarctica, you might encounter a variety of marine life that is typically ignored in addition to the amazing shining ice formations beneath the surface. These include sea butterflies, kelp walls, sea hedgehogs, crabs, a variety of fish, krill, starfish, and isopods.

5. Mountaineering

Vinson Massif, Antarctica’s tallest mountain, draws the top mountaineers to the continent each year. The climb is not very challenging when it comes to technical climbing, but the severe weather and the altitude make it a very challenging ascent. You must be accustomed to using rope, ice axes, and crampons as well as comfortable camping in extremely cold temperatures.

6. Climb Observation Hill

Observation Hill is a short 30-minute hike from McMurdo and rewards climbers with breathtaking views of the surrounding area including the Ross Ice Shelf. The renowned Mount Erebus may also be seen from the top.

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7. Swim in Deception Bay

The bay, which is located on Deception Island, is one of the region’s safest ports and was for a long time a well-known whaling station. Due to its hot spring, the bay is a well-liked swimming location. The water is chili, but the swim will always be a special memory.

8. Skiing

Antarctica - Skiing

Skiing excursions are an exceptional thing to do in Antarctica if you want to get deeper into the huge interior. Ski tours are frequently offered by operators as day trips or combined with a camping adventure. Skiing expertly will also give you the chance to reach some remote penguin colonies and climb and descend some uncharted snow-covered summits.

9. Camping

The opportunity to sleep under the clear sky is undoubtedly special, and as you lie in bed, you will be able to hear all the sounds like the crackling of icebergs and the rumbling of moving glaciers. You might be fortunate enough to see and hear some of the incredible wildlife.

10. Run the Antarctica Marathon

Running the Antarctica Marathon is a remarkable accomplishment and one you’ll remember for the rest of your life, even though it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. This marathon at King George Island is frequently run in harsh conditions. You can choose to run a half or full marathon.

11. Send a Postcard From Port Lockroy

The post office and a museum, which is situated at Port Lockroy, is the farthest-southern post office on the planet and the most visited place on the entire continent. It is certainly a unique souvenir to receive a postcard from Antarctica.

12. Crossing the Drake Passage

The majority of Antarctica cruises demand that you sail the Drake Passage, crossing from Argentina to the Antarctic Continent. You can view a large cast of seabirds when navigating the Drake Passage that is not visible to those flying to Antarctica.

13. Zodiac Cruising

Zodiac cruising gives visitors the chance to get a close-up view of a variety of wary animals that can be found in the ocean, on the ground, and in the skies. Watching penguins, leopard seals, and other curious animals stop by the side to say hello is a very common sight.

14. Explore a Science Research Station

The Vernadsky research station is the most well-known of the many science search centers that are currently available. It is a Ukrainian station that once belonged to British scientists. You can tour this base when you are there in a small group, which will give you an insightful look into life there.

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15. Cruising the Lemaire Channel

The Lemaire Channel, also known as the Kodak Canal, Fuji Funnel, and Agfa Alley, is a popular destination for photographers in Antarctica. You can spend hours outside on the deck taking pictures of the most breathtaking scenery on the planet.

16. Go Inside a Volcano

Deception Island is special because it is the volcanic crater of an active volcano. The South Shetland Islands are a series of islands at the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula. If you decide to visit this area you will get to explore Deception Island’s protected black sand bay, where you can see some research stations and discover information about its former whaling stations.

17. Go Trekking to the South Pole

Some organizations offer treks to the South Pole. This is an expensive and exhausting adventure with no guarantee of completion, but it is the most unique experience on the planet.

18. Witness Blood Falls

In McMurdo’s Dry Valleys, a bright-red waterfall erupts from the Taylor Glacier. The bacteria, which are frozen inside a small body of water, have managed to thrive in the absence of oxygen and heat. A five-story, blood-red waterfall spilling over pristine white snow is one of Antarctica’s most impressive sights thanks to a fissure in the glacier that allows water to flow out.

19. Drink Vodka in the Faraday Bar

Since the winters in Antarctica are long and dark, some of the researchers at the Ukrainian station have started distilling vodka. The southernmost bar in the world now sells shots of the homemade alcohol that they like to share with others rather than hoarding it all for themselves.

20. Practice Photography

In a place like Antarctica, taking a splendid photograph is an easy task. All you have to do is point your camera at anything and you will get a National Geographic-style photograph ready to be framed. Even as an amateur photographer, you should rather use cameras than smartphones for this trip, not only for longer battery life but also for the quality of photographs.

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