How to Enjoy a Road Trip

This summer has renewed the Great American Road Trip. Whether you’re hopping in your car to explore some nearby wonders or faraway locales, the road trip is a true adventure.  There is just something about climbing into your car with friends or family and hitting the open road. While road trips can be liberating and exciting, they can also be frustrating. To help prevent road trip turbulence, here are some tips to make your road trip the best it can be.

Bring Entertainment for the Kids

“Are we there yet?” The one question some parents dread and sometimes makes them second guess taking a family road trip. Driving can be tiring, which can lead to crankiness, especially from your younger travelers. It is important to make sure your kids have entertainment with them in the car to help them pass the time. Some ideas are downloading movies to your tablet, handheld video games, coloring books, puzzles and traditional games (such as Eye Spy). While snacks can keep kids occupied, too much sugar might make them more energetic, which is not always a recipe for success during a road trip.

Make Frequent Stops

As the old saying goes, it’s not the destination but the journey that you should enjoy. Creating memories on the road is a surefire way to create a memorable trip. To make the journey enjoyable, make frequent stops. Don’t limit stops to just bathroom breaks. Explore the stops along the way by going to small museums or local attractions. Another way to make the most of your road trip is trying local restaurants and tastes. Get to know your pit stops and find some new favorite foods along the way.

Divide the Fun Fairly

The flexibility of road trips allows everyone on the trip to do what they want to do. To make sure everyone checks at least one adventure off their wishlist, ask all travelers to provide you a list of attractions they might want to see on the way. These suggestions will come together to create a once in a lifetime trip for all involved. Road trips are some of the most memorable experiences travelers can enjoy. Remember, it’s all an adventure and to enjoy the journey as well as the destination!

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